Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table Review – Pros & Con’s (2024)

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Last Updated: May 10, 2023

The Teeter FitSpine LX9 is the top-of-the-line model in the FitSpine series and is our top pick for “Best Inversion Table”. It includes all of the features and similar specs to the X3 models while adding a boarding platform, storage caddy, and more robust Stretch Max handles. The LX9 is FDA-Registered for several back and neck conditions and has been UL tested for safety. You also get an inversion table that has been almost 40 years in the making, meaning that it has 40 years of improvements already done. Teeter has put a lot of thought and top-notch engineering into this model, and you will not find a better inversion table.

Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table Review 2024

We love the durable and UL safety-certified design of the FitSpine LX9.

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Awards: Best Inversion Table of 2024

The Teeter LX9 has thoughtful features like a boarding platform, convenient ankle support system, storage caddy, and angle tether to provide safety and ease of use. We’re impressed that Teeter ensures the LX9 is FDA registered and UL safety certified so you can be sure you’re using a quality, comfortable, and safe inversion table. The FitSpin LX9 is at the top of our best inversion tables because of all of this and more that I’ll detail throughout this review.

Why Trust Our Review Of The Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table

Overall health and well-being is important to us here at Treadmill Review Guru. We believe in being active and striving to feel our best. We want that for you, too. That is why we test inversion tables and other fitness equipment types and compile these reviews. Our goal is to provide you with insight into how a product works before you bring it home. We want you to feel confident and secure in your buying decisions and to love and use the equipment.

For this review, our team was fortunate enough to be able to test all three inversion tables from Teeter including the FitSpine X3, and FitSpine X1 so we could compare the functionality and features of the FitSpine LX9.

  • FlexTech Floating Bed
    The FitSpine LX9 is designed to include the FlexTech 8-Point Floating Suspension Bed. This bed gives you the freedom to flex and move by moving with you. This takes a lot of the effort out of twisting and stretching.
  • Deluxe EZ-Reach Ankle System
    This is the most comfortable and easy to use ankle support system that we’ve tried. It uses two cuffs with comfortable, supportive material lining the inside. This gives you the support you need to invert without the discomfort of foam rollers.
  • EZ-Stretch Traction Handles
    The EZ-Stretch Traction Handles help you add control over the amount of traction you experience at any angle. This means that you can add extra traction by pushing the handles, or by pulling them, you can lessen it if it’s too intense.
  • EZ-Angle Tether
    The EZ-Angle Tether allows you to set the maximum angle of your inversion easily. With pre-marked angles of 20, 40, and 60 degrees, you can figure out which one works best for you and easily set it in the future. This takes the guesswork out of setting up the FitSpine LX9.
  • Stretch Max Handles
    These handles are excellent for getting that extra stretch in. With the robust supportive handles, you’re able to pull into the stretch, giving you a better deeper stretch and relief from muscle tension.
  • LX Boarding Platform
    A feature unique to the FitSpine LX9 is the boarding platform. It is a non-slip and elevated surface that makes it easier to get on the LX9 and get off of it.
  • LX Storage Caddy
    Another feature that is found standard on the LX9 is a storage caddy. This comes in handy to hold a drink, cell phone, or anything else you don’t want to fall out of your pockets.
  • UL Certified
    Teeter volunteered the FitSpine series of inversion tables to undergo UL testing. The LX9 went through at least 30,000 inversions with 1,200 pounds strapped to it. It far exceeded the test and received UL certification while experiencing zero failures. UL LLC is a safety testing company with offices all over the world. UL is one of the companies that conducts safety testing for OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. As a UL tested product, the LX9 has demonstrated both safety and durability and is recognized as a quality health device.
  • Min – Max Height: 4’8″-6’6″ (142-198cm)
  • Max User Weight Capacity: 300lb (136kg)
  • Non-use Dimensions: 57” x 28” x 61”
  • Max In-Use Dimensions: 82” x 28” x 87”
  • Product Weight: 70.8 lbs
  • FitSpine Acupressure Nodes: Are very useful for muscle knots or turning your inversion sessions into a massage. They are adjustable and removable with 4 levels of tension relief included.
  • FitSpine Lumbar Bridge: Helps to square your hips to ensure better spinal decompression and muscle stretch. It is adjustable to fit your natural arch and is removable.
  • FlexTech Floating Bed: 8 separate points move independently on the bed, giving you support even when you move.
  • Deluxe EZ-Reach Ankle System: Easy to adjust with the most comfortable ankle support on the market with an extra-long handle.
  • EZ-Stretch Traction Handles: Allow you to customize the amount of traction you’re receiving on the table with a simple push of the hands.
  • EZ-Angle Tether : A tether that has 20, 40, and 60-degree markings.
  • Stretch Max Handles : These help you ease back on the inversion table while also giving the support you need for a deep stretch.
  • LX Boarding Platform: The boarding platform is a great non-slip step for the inversion table.
  • LX Storage Caddy: The storage caddy gives you a place to store your phone, keys, and wallet.
  • Warranty: 5-Years